Surgical Closure of Stoma

In adults- especially those who have had their tracheotomy tubes for relatively short periods of time - In some cases, decannulation involves simply removing the tube and the hole is allowed to close by itself. This generally happens in a few days. If the tube has been present for a long time, the hole may not close completely, and a small pinhole may be left after a month or so. This may then require a small procedure to remove the skin lining the tract (which prevents closure) and allow the hole to close.

Luke's Stoma Closure

Luke's procedure, according to his Mom:  They removed the scar tissue from around the stoma. They put the temporary trach (3.0 Shiley) in until he woke from surgery. Then after he was wide awake, the ENT came a removed the trach. They left it open, just like an open wound.  To give an actual description, since the 1st picture wasn't taken until a day or 2 after surgery, was that it looked like a raw, bleeding belly button. Although the actual bleeding didn't last long. It was a little oozy for a few days, but not really bad. They said this was the safest way to do this, so that any extra air wouldn't get up under the skin.  Anyway, no stitches were used. It looked as if it healed from inside out, which I'm sure that's what they wanted. 

Luke Dugdale


This Photo was taken on 11/27/02 after surgery on the 25th.

This photo was taken on 12/20/02  about 4 weeks after surgery.