Tracheostomy Antiques

Antique Tracheostomy Tube

Antique sterling silver tracheostomy tube
Made in England in the late 1800's
(left and right outer cannular, inner cannular in center)

Ivy Trach Set

Ivory cased set by Maw, Son, and Thompson, late 1800's


Luer’s trachea cannula and obturator, 1890

Anique Trach Tubes

This set of 3 tracheostomy tubes are solid silver.  All 3 are stamped `P.HARRIS & Co, BIRMINGHAM` The smallest is stamped `SILVER, No 20`, the medium one is stamped `24` and the large one is stamped `30`. I`m guessing that they date to the early part of the 1900`s, as they came in an old dentists cabinet which was dated 1905. 

Closeups of smallest tube with inner cannular removed.


Cannula, circa 1930