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Old 12-13-2002, 08:12 PM
J&Jsmomee J&Jsmomee is offline
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Thanks everyone for the reflux advice. New question. Does anyones's kid have a Nissen Fundoplication without[U] a g-tube? The ENT says that if Joel's supposed reflux isn't under control in 1 month with the new medication change (they added Reglan ), then she was sending us to a Surgeon for a Nissen. Does anyone know about this? I refuse to feed Joel by tube because he doesn't need it, but I do understand the issues of the Nissen and why a g-tube may be more comfortable for removing air from the belly. Any ideas?
Lisa- mom of John Patrick age 9 and formerly trached Joel age 4- DECANNULATED JANUARY 25, 2004!!!

Foster mom to Sierra born July 16, 2005- CHARGE syndrome, grade IV kidney reflux, severe hearing loss, trach & gtube for laryngeal cleft and chronic aspiration, gorgeous blue eyes
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Old 12-13-2002, 08:40 PM
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I agree, we have never let the air out of Indie's tummy, she caln release either way with ease. Indie also has serious reflux and again she gets air out on her own.Good Luck
Kelly, mother of , Indira 6 (trach and g-tube)[/COLOR] [/COLOR]and Max 4. [/COLOR]When there is no you are the reason I bound out of bed. Thank-you for giving me life!

See Indie-
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Old 12-13-2002, 10:24 PM
christyw christyw is offline
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To sort of contrast the other posts - we have been instructed to use the gtube to "burp" Gaithy. We use a much larger millimeter extension tube for this. Gaithy is not able to release any air up, and so being able to release it for her has helped her many times. I usually burp her about once a day or if she is really fussy for no apparent reason. Also, when a mic-key gtube button is still new, it has a good seal on it and won't let anything out of it, even when it's left open. However, as the button wears a little (in my experience) it will let formula and/or air come out of it when it's open. We had to have the gtube placed - so I don't know life any other way with Gaithy. If she were eating fine, I know I too would do ANYTHING possible to keep from tube feeding, and hopefully you wouldn't have to have a gtube just to let air out - maybe it depends on the child, tightness of the nissen, etc...

Gaithy's Mom:28wk preemie born 8/2000 at 1 LB, IUGR, SGA, ROP, BPD, g-tube/nissen. Trached 4-2001 and LTV950 ventilator until 5-2003. Decannulated 8-3-04
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Old 12-14-2002, 08:16 AM
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Our experience is closer to Christy's too. We let Alli "burp" thru the g tube a lot. SHE has difficulty passing gas out her bottom for some reason and the wrap is too tight for much air to move up. SHe gets in a lot of pain when she gets air in her tummy. I would also give just about anything for Alli to eat orally, but until her issues are resolved Im grateful we can feed and burp her with the MIC-key.
Grateful thorns have roses
24 weeker now almost 11 years old and in third grade!
trach-decanned for good in 2008, gtube, asthma, CP, MR, GERD, latex allergy, osteopenia, aplastic cerebellum, ADHD/OCD, 60 lbs of humor and fiest, 4'4" tall, patient at Shreveport Shriners Childrens Hospital,, and I may be leaving something out but she is happy and growing and the light of our lives! DECANNED 6-17-08
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Old 12-16-2002, 08:52 AM
Adam's Mommy Adam's Mommy is offline
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Yes, my son Adam had SEVERE reflux and had a nissen placed. For other reasons (he has too small of a stomach and it is on the wrong place) he did not get a g-tube.

He is tube fed by an NG (nasal gastric) tube, but we never burp anything and he does just fine. He has had his nissen since Sept of 2001 and it is still nice and tight. When he needs to let air out he either burps or passes gas. He has adjusted very well. His Nissen has been a blessing, as he had reflux very bad and was aspirating it all of the time, now things are great.

I do not see the purpose of putting a g-tube in. I would STRONGLY advise against it if your child is eating just fine. It can definately mess up the oral eating, and take you to all kinds of places you do not want to go, including no or not much desire to eat orally and being tube fed with formulas that cost a pretty penny.

Good Luck.
Tina, Mom of Adam--28 wk preemie, born in 2000, trached at 9 mo, due to tracheal stenosis at the carina. Adam lives with vocal chord issues, chronic lung disease, global brain injury, hydrocephalus, Vp shunt, diplegic cp, autism, and is absolutely perfect in every way.
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Old 12-16-2002, 11:28 AM
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Our experience has been similar to most of the others. We have to vent Anna sometimes. She will gag if she is too full. When she gags, we connect a 60cc siringe to her tube and let the gas out. She has been starting to burp a little bit on her own recently¬Ö.. quite exciting. Good Luck!
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