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Default How to Start a New Topic

Find the forum that best fits your post. For example, if you are a new member, you might start with the "welcome center" to post an introduction.

Click on the "Welcome Center" forum
Right under the title "Welcome Center, new member introductions", you'll see a button "New Thread"
Click on the "New Thread" button
Add a title, type your message in the message box, then click on the "submit new thread" button under the message box.
Cindy - Mom to Aaron (age 22), trached for 4 years, subglottic stenosis, ADHD, learning disability, former 26 week preemie and identical twin to Eric (age 22), spastic quad CP, moderate MR, seizure disorder; Anthony (age 22), spastic quad CP, trach, g-tube, j-tube, seizure disorder, cortical vision impairment, profound MR; and Natasha (age 8) CP, cortical blindness, seizure disorder, profound MR, shunt, g-tube.

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