View Full Version : Good info for adults?

12-28-2005, 11:24 AM
hello, ive posted on here before reguarding www.postpals.co.uk (we have a kid (ethan) from this site on there), but anyway the reason im posting is my grandfather was run over on the 22nd of dec and has been on a vent since, they put a tracheostomy in this morning (they said its because when they stopped sedation he becomes very distressed and they think he might be less distressed this way as there won't be anything in his mouth). im looking for some info on this kind of thing but not really sure what im looking for (if that makes sense), i read through some of the pead stuff on here but wondered if anyone could recomend any good sites on trachs when they are used for this kind of thing rather than long term illness kind of problem. thank you