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03-03-2010, 12:44 PM
Hi everyone. Well, for the 2nd time in two weeks we've had a strange night. I'll put Sydney down to bed (and back on her heated line humidifier/vent - she's on the tranport vent in the day with an HME) and shortly after when falling asleep she'll start getting warm and her face gets red and warm and she'll have a couple of seizures. From there, eventually (after about an hour or two) she will have a handful of seizures, then get very sweaty hands/back, very red face and will breathe hard and seem distressed about something, sometimes kicking around on her bed. Her sats are still good (in the 90's), her heart rate of course is up, and there is no fever. By this time I have given her motrin thinking it's "teething" (her molars are coming in) and ativan for the seizues). In the past she would occassionally have a rough night but these last two are very upsetting. She finally calms down about 1 a.m.(probably when the ativan finally kicks in). I have talked to doctors, other lists of parents with kids with CP & seizures, but none have given me any sort of answer or feedback so I thought I'd come here and ask. My thoughts are perhaps the teething, or maybe the humidifier vent (too warm? although if that's the case how come she doesn't do this every night??), hormonal issues, (she is 12 1/2 now), maybe it's the ativan. Anyway, any ideas would be helpful and appreciated, I have yet to hear of any other children doing this, although I have a friend with a daughter similar to Sydney and she occassionally gets these night sweats & aggitation. Thank you so much for listening! I'm just beside myself, I feel so bad for her (and me too trying to get up to work the next day!). Sorry for being so long winded!

03-03-2010, 02:57 PM
I don't have seizures but I do get severe cramping and some myoclonis. It usually happens when I change positions like going from wheelchair to bed. I think it's a change in nerve pressure. You could try giving her a preventative ativan an hour before bed...I also know that it is pretty common for seizures to worsen and meds may need changed or increased around age 12.

I hope things improve.


03-03-2010, 03:43 PM
Well, I wish I had a great answer for you. I can offer our experience which is a little bit similar.

Aly, for the last two or three years, has been having redness and irritability for periods of an hour or two. No fever but increased redness in the face, ears, arms, upper body, and generally the knees. This started before she had regular seizures again so the seizure activity wasn't an issue for us. She was extremely angry and would lash out and hit her face/nose. That's when we started to restrict her thrashing around with a soft restraint. She would go through this for about five to ten days at a stretch. I naturally assumed it was cycle related as she had not yet begun having a period.

Jump to today. Aly stopped having seizures on March 30, ten days before her pneumonia incident requiring the trach and g-tube. She has occasional redness and upset but nothing of the severity prior to the hospital stay. She also started her period in August or September of last year, at age 20. I'm really surprised at all the changes she's gone through in such a short time.

Okay, that turned out really long! Sorry. Brief summary, she has no seizures now but frequent redness of the face and extremeties lasting a few hours at a time. Much more brief than before. Also, she is on cool humidification, oxygen, and no vent.

Side note, my husband has had Valley Fever and the night sweats were a huge symptom of that. It may be something worth testing for. It's just a blood serum test.

Best of luck for you all.

03-03-2010, 05:03 PM
Thanks for your input. I'm going to ask about something to give her for this. When she's like this, it seems when I give the ativan she behaves a little strange; that is the ativan makes her sleepy, but she's fighting sleep and she'll "jerk" around a bit. Gosh it's just nervewracking (and scary at midnight!!!) She has not yet started her period but like your daughter Melissa, she will probably start later! I'm really thinking hormonal so perhaps I should ask to see an endocrine? Just thinkin' out loud here....