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01-26-2010, 01:01 AM
We had no night nurse last night. I love watching Discovery Channel & TLC stories. So, while I was cleaning & finding things to do to stay awake, I naturally turned on Discovery Health. They had episode after episode of people who needed facial reconstructions. There was one story they titled, "Born Without a Face" (which I wasn't to happy with that title by the way).

This show was about a girl name Juliana Wetmore (Sp?). "Juliana has Treacher Collins sydrome, which caused her to be born without a face." (Quote provided by Discovery's website, not by me.) She looked so familiar, and I don't think I've ever seen her story on the Discovery Channel before. So, immediately I thought I recognized the family from here, the Trache forum. Yet, when I tried to search for them, I can't find them. Maybe they are using a different user name that doesn't use Juliana's name, or maybe I just can't search or think too clearly seeing as I only got 4 hours of sleep last night:o

But I was soooo hoping they are on the trache forum. I wanted to tell them how beautiful their story & daughter is. I love their outlook on life, and to tell them how wonderful they are doing as parents and send them lots of prayers & suport. I hope preschool is going well. Julia just looks like she would just LOVE playing with all her friends!!! She's beautiful, and I'm so glad we had no nurse so I could follow your miraculous story. I hope you are satisfied with how the Discovery Channel edited & portrayed your story.


01-26-2010, 08:24 AM
There are about 3 families on here whose children have treacher collins syndrome, Julianna is not one of them as far as I am aware (I've been here too long!!!). I have seen this program, she's a lovely, happy little girl. so many surgeries though, it must be pretty tough and she is so incredibly brave!

01-26-2010, 01:19 PM
Ummm, Ok I saw that one too. It was a re-run and was made in 2006. It was interesting, BUT my goodness they used the word "normal" so much...get over it narrator!! Sheesh.

I agree that her parents & sister have done such a wonderful job with Juliana. She has so much love in her life!!!

01-26-2010, 06:57 PM
I've seen it too. Once before Kate was born and several times after -- boy did I have a different perspective after. The whole family is so gracious and brave, though I'm sure they would say they are doing what they need to - just like we all did/are. I would love it if they were on here, but I'm pretty sure they aren't.