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01-15-2010, 05:43 PM
Well as some of you know, Chase had an aortapexy done in August, ENT is going to remove his adenoids and drain his sinuses on 10 Feb, then on 23 Feb he is going to debride his sinuses and then take a look down at his trachea to see if it is opening up anymore from where they moved the aorta. This will be the first bronch since the surgery and I am kinda nervous.

On to other things, Chase started kindergarten this year and is doing extemely well, we won the battle with the school district and his regular nurses are able to drive him to school and care for him there. School district had wanted us to use their agency..AS IF! The only area of concerns we have are his handwriting and his "lack of attention" span...but his nurses tell me he only loses his attention when the teacher is re-teaching things he already knows..typical Chase has to take things at his own pace. As for the handwriting, neuro already said Chase was born right handed (mentally) but because of the CP on that side he has adapted and became left handed...that's my boy!!

01-15-2010, 05:54 PM
I'm so glad you posted. I've been thinking of you guys and Chase. We had our aortapexy as well. I know how you feel about anxious about the upcoming bronch. Ours is in March and I'm feeling the same way.

I sure hope that you get good news. I know earlier you'd mentioned that it seems like he has more endurance...does that seem to be keeping up? Well, if it helps at all--I sure am rooting for him! I'm anxious for you guys too! :)

Glad to hear that he is doing well in Kindergarten! WAY TO GO CHASE!!:applause:

01-16-2010, 06:50 AM
Leslie, good luck with the surgery xx It sounds like he's adapting pretty well to school.I wouldn't worry about the handwriting, Sam is almost 7 and still really struggles with handwriting. the school are pretty good and let him use a word processor for some work, he finds that much easier. It's great that he is attempting with his left hand, it must be tough when you are naturally right handed:hug:

01-16-2010, 12:10 PM
Good to hear from you Leslie! Glad things are going well! I'm sure the bronch should go well, but keep us posted! Kiss that little Chase for us too!:hug: