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05-20-2009, 09:53 AM
When you have a husky voice - TRACHEOTOMY no one cannot hear you cry no one cannot hear you call for help no one cannot hear your emotional and feeling response no one cannot see that your singing no one cannot see that your laugthing cause its just strange funny sounds to those without one.

They couldn't with me.

Just thought a while ago how worrying that is when you can't be heard clearly cause of a husky voice no one's not going to take it seriously when you shout FIRE! or got pain and hurt when showing it cause people without one will just go by funny retard sounds coming from you.

That has woke me up to the fact that us with a husky voice after TRACHETOMOY cause of Lung Cancer that we are vulnerable adults to society like that towards us something must be done to help us with a
husky voice when we encounter problems like that in our life.

Anne Charleston that use be Madge Bishop in Neighbours on BBC 1 when it use to be on BBC 1 in the United Kingdom has a husky voice TRACHEOTOMY and she is allowed to work on Television she is now in Emmadale as Betty or use to be in Emmadale last time I watched it.

Not saying I'm wanting to work on Tele just she gets a Job with a
husky voice after TRACHEOTOMY a lot of us can't with a husky voice.

That's very unfair anyway I've got a Job now it's on it's way ha! ha! to bullies that bully us for our husky voice cause they say "You've got to stop talking like that if you want a Job," well your wrong.

Don't let those idiots drag you down to a level and beat you with experience.