View Full Version : Post Stoma Closurer surgery - what to watch out for?

04-27-2009, 05:29 AM

Its been a week today since Isabelles Stoma Closurer surgery and all went well.

They partly closed her trachea but stitched the skin closed so there is a chance of a little air getting under the skin.

I washed the area and changed the tapes each night and today I have left the bandage off - the wound looks good. Hoping the air will help heal. She also finishes a week of antibitotics.

My husband and I believe she is already making a different noise - and lots more of it which is just music to our ears. We are hoping she is on the verge of talking.

Anyway - does anyone know how long it takes for the trachea hole to close over. Just wondering what to look for if air gets trapped?? How long do we keep watching? The Dr said if too much air gets in then her face will swell up and we have to go back to hospital. I am sure some air gets in?


04-27-2009, 10:34 AM
Kate had her surgery this past Friday. They told us to keep her wound dry for 3 days, Bacitracin 2-3x/day. They covered it with a bandaid. We figure we'll keep the bandaid on until the stitches aren't so pronounced -- she's got busy little hands! She can't be submerged in water for about 3 weeks. ENT said to feel the area around the site for what feels like Rice Krispies -- that indicates air trapped in there, and we should bring her back right away.