View Full Version : Doctors for money, what to do ?

04-26-2009, 08:53 AM
I had bronchoscopy with laser one month ago for granulation.
B4 that the nurse of d pulm dr, said i need to go first to his private clinic
i was surprise but what to do he is the most experience with that.
it was long and hard drive and pay him 1,000 shekel !
i came with my father to d bronchoscopy - he is old not focus like years ago,
the dr gave him a result paper and go while i were waking from sleep.
in home i read the result - i was in shock - he write: complete obstruct of the left main bronchus:eek:
the day after i fax him to know what he meant ??
i get a quick appointment the next week with ENT dr also private clinic b\c i couldn't sleep well from worry.
it was also long drive and pay him 900 shekel !
he say that if it was like this i were in the ICU, he checked me and say there is not sign of bad condition, we spoke many issues like my cannula, and promise to contact this pulm dr, and also other request.
there was 2 weeks holiday and i call to both of them - no body answer.
still 2day i dont know what he meant for writing this report and d ENT dr - nothing from my request didnt do.
i don't think i should go his private clinic pay so much money.

i call this morning again - the nurse said she put my fax on his desk and not speak nice. i am so angry of this dr that only money will make them reply

04-26-2009, 09:00 AM
the bronchoscopy i had in a public hospital, not private.
but i forced to pay him private that he will do this examination.