View Full Version : Decannulation update/balloon que

04-09-2009, 01:22 PM
Hi everyone,
Well, we brought my twins in (one for decannulation and one for a second balloon procedure) and the outcome could have been better:(

A few days before the surgery both girls were put on Cipro for a bacterial infection in their trach sites. My oldest twin's airway was too swollen because of the infection to try to decannulate so we have to wait until May to try again (the doctor's OR schedule is busy until then).

The doctor was pleased with what he saw in my youngest twins airway. The first balloon opened her up to about 40%, and when she went in this time it looked like it pretty much stayed open that much, so she did a second balloon. She told us the second balloon opened her airway to what any other eight month old baby's airway would be. In May we will bring this twin in with her sister for another look. Based on what she sees, the doctor said she may try to decannulate this baby, or try another balloon, or have us schedule LTP.

Has anyone done more than two balloons? The thought of LTP surgery really scares me.