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Nate's Ma
04-06-2009, 02:29 PM
I know a Mom that had to move from IL to Indiana. Her child has down syndrome along with some immune dysfunction and airway/digestive issues. He has a G-tube at this time d/t weight loss, failure to thrive that just came about within the last year... no trach...

She is living with her parents d/t her ex husband being put in jail... another story... and is on medicaid in Indiana. She lives near South Bend. Her little guy Benjamin is 3 and has 3 ruptured ear drums. Her pediatrician told her not to worry until he has 4.. UGH!!!

She desperately needs referrals to pediatrician, GI, ENT in the area. I also steered her toward Cincinnatti Childrens.

Any feedback on Docs in the South Bend area?