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02-04-2007, 11:25 AM
Hello again, thanks for all the warm welcomes! There is a program in Mass (through mass health) that allows nurses to apply for a "provider number" and can then operate as an independent provider for children with medical needs. They bill mass health directly and are responsible for all their own records/paperwork that is needed to care for the child safely. This saves the state lots of money because instead of paying an agency big $$$$ they only pay a portion of that to the individual nurse. (which the nurse would have received from the agency anyway after the agency takes their cut) It is my understanding that this is a pretty new program and was in a trial phase a few years ago but worked well (and saved state money) so now it is a program but not very well known. Families can use agency, independent nursing or combination of both. I am thinking about doing this since I am a nurse. I currently work in a nursing home a few days a week and am on my feet passing meds for 5 of the 8 hours I am working. It is pretty much non-stop and I don't know how much longer I can continue at this rate. I am exhausted from taking care of three kids and the home but we need the income.

I am interested in hearing opinions regarding your nurses and the experience they have. Did your nurses know what they were doing when they started working for you or did you have to show them how to do stuff? Like I said I have years of nursing home experience and my "pediatric" experience has been learned by taking care of my own daughter. Would it matter to you that I have not had years of pedi experience? I would hate to go through the application process and then not be able to find families to work for because they think I am "inexperienced". Any opinions would be great, thanks.


02-04-2007, 03:34 PM
We have the same program here in CA, only the state pays the nurses the same as they pay the agency. The nurses have to buy their own liability insurance, health insurance (if they want it), and keep their training up to date. After taxes etc, they wind up making about $5 more/hr than they do with the agency.

I think INP would be a good option for you. You are essentially your own boss. The families would hire you and be responsible for training you. I think if you make it clear to them that your pediatric experience is from your daugher, and you tell them everything she has, they will feel fine with it. I would absolutely send in for your provider number and get started!

Good luck!

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